This nationwide organization connects the automotive services and car owners in Kazakhstan.

Odomity mobile app and website

Every car owner knows that it is very difficult to find a reliable provider of automotive maintenance and repair services from a vast number of shops that advertise themselves. One has to waste a lot of time looking for information in specialized forums and listening to the advice of their friends - which often contradict each other - before they manage to find an auto shop that can be trusted to perform a high quality maintenance or repair of a vehicle. It is not surprising that the car owners are often not too happy with the quality of the work done by the auto service they picked.

Our goal was to develop a system that would help car owners to resolve those issues. The main functionalities of the system were:

For a car owner: 

  • an online manual on the maintenance schedule recommended by the car manufacturer;  
  • an option to make an appointment for the regular maintenance at a dealership of the given make of the vehicle; 
  • a personal service consultant; 
  • a user profile in which all cars owned by the user are listed; 
  • the ability to find a service closest to the user’s geographic location; 
  • an option to receive automotive service-related ads and offers; 
  • a tool for making an appointment for the car wash/tire service closest to the user’s geographic location;

For a dealership: 

  • a tool for creating a customer order queue for the regular vehicle maintenance; 
  • viewing the queue and the information about the vehicles; 
  • viewing the customer requests for complex repairs; 
  • an opportunity to take part in auctions for cars sold by the clients; 
  • an service advertising platform

The project was implemented based on the model “website+mobile apps”, that is, it included a website for the system administration and for dealerships, as well as the user apps for iOS and Android platforms.

One of the main client requirements was to meet a tight deadline.

The project was completed within 6 months.

The project team consisted of 10 people: the team lead, a technical writer, two designers, and six developers.


Address in Yaroslavl: Pobedy 38/27, Suite 503, Yaroslavl, 150040
Address in Moscow: Leningradsky Prospekt 31A, Moscow, 125284
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