Software that checks the information your computer shares over the Internet

Development of a desktop application for WHOIX Ltd

About the client

WHOIX Ltd is a company that provides a range of tools related to the incognito use of internet portals and public networks. The service also allows the user to obtain the information on the geolocation of an IP address, a website, or server, and a detailed information on your anonymity.

About the project

The project Whoer is the development of a desktop application for Windows, Linux, and MacOS for setting up and managing an OpenVPN environment, which allows the user to get access to hidden and blocked resources by bypassing the network firewalls and blocks.

We developed the interface program Whoer that allows the user to adjust the access settings according to their personal preferences.

Project stages:

  • Development of the adaptive user interface;
  • Design of the the program’s workflow scheme;
  • Setting up the API functionality for the interaction of the server with the end user;
  • Implementation of the software with error diagnostics;
  • Testing of the finished program on different platforms;
  • Release and acceptance of the finished product.

The complete version of the utility is available for free download from the client’s site.

C++ and C programming languages were used.

The project team included 5 people, among them 2 developers, a designer, a technical writer, and the team lead. The work was completed within three months.

Branch: Internet technologies Technology: C/C++ Solution: Software for PС Platform: Windows

Address in Yaroslavl: Pobedy 38/27, Suite 503, Yaroslavl, 150040
Address in Moscow: Derbenevskaia n. 1/2, Moscow, 115114
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