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Security audit of the subsystem

This project's objective was to conduct a security audit of the online portal of the government computer subsystem "Justice" ("Pravosudie” in Russian). The audit purpose was the examination of the system's security against external network attacks, identification of the bottlenecks of the protection system, analysis of the risks related to security threats and development of recommendations for new security mechanisms.

The analysis carried out by "Tecman" showed that the information security system of "Justice" was unsatisfactory. There were critical vulnerabilities that in the case of malicious acts could cause unauthorized modification of the website opening up access to users personal data resulting in long-term downtime of the portal as well as private information being available.

The work result was the documentation of the security analysis of Internet portal with the detailed explanation of all identified vulnerabilities, as well as the terms of reference for the technical work on the information security of the portal and various websites of the "Justice" subsystem.

The project audit was carried out in 1 month and completed by a team of 3 people: a project manager, a specialist in information security and technical writer .

Branch: Provision of services Technology: .NET Solution: Information Security Audit Platform: Windows

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