Taxi «Anji»

Popular taxi service in the city of Makhachkala, Russia. Operates since 2011.

Mobile app for Taxi «Anzhi»

The client asked to develop a mobile app for calling a taxi, similar to Uber or Yandex.Taxi, and to create a web presentation of this app.

Features of the app that we developed:

  • Ordering a cab with two clicks. After the user’s geographic location is automatically determined, the user can call a taxi in two simple steps.
  • A scheduled order. The user can order a cab for a specific date and time. The system will automatically remind the user about the order.
  • Fare calculation. Once the user enters the destination address, the system will automatically calculate the fair.
  • Online payment. The payment can be made with a bank card or with cash at the destination.  
  • Cab tracking. After the order is placed, the user can see the cab on the map and get its approximate time of arrival.
  • Order history. The user can review their order history and, if necessary, order a similar ride with a single click.

Server and administration interface.

The server we built features the following functionalities: 

  • Order spreadsheet; 
  • Operator spreadsheet; 
  • A city map showing the drivers’ locations; 
  • Integration with the client-side ordering system; 
  • Flexible fare management; 
  • Fast information exchange with drivers; 
  • Integration with the user’s phone app; Individual user accounts for drivers; 
  • Driver’s work card and rating; 
  • Calculation of drivers’ compensation.

We developed the server and the administration interface for application management. These features are accessible by the application admins and operators only.

Branch: Provision of services ,Taxi Technology: Java ,PHP ,C/C++ Solution: Mobile applications Platform: iOS ,Android ,Web

Address in Yaroslavl: Pobedy 38/27, Suite 503, Yaroslavl, 150040
Address in Moscow: Leningradsky Prospekt 31A, Moscow, 125284
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