Opekun (Guardian) GPS systems

The “Opekun” satellite system manufactures and distributes GPS tracking devices built into watches, bracelets, key chains, and so on

Mobile app for a GPS system

Development of the mobile app.

The project “Opekun” is a mobile app for a satellite system that enables real-time tracking of the GPS devices (sensors). The app is mainly targeted towards the tracking of children and the elderly. The GPS devices for the use with the system are sold through the client’s partner chain.

Timeline. The project “Opekun” was implemented within 4 months by a 4-person team.

Stages. Within the project, we audited the client’s servers, put together the project requirements, and documented several functions for the convenience of the development. We developed the design and implemented the application. We complied with the publication requirements and published the app on both Google and Apple platforms.

Adobe Air. By employing the Adobe Air IDE, we managed to develop a universal product that can run on both mobile devices and laptop or desktop computers

Outcome. Thanks to the mobile app that we developed, the client succeeded in drastically extending the clientele of their satellite system.

Functionality of the mobile application. 

  1. Online tracking. The tracking device location and movements are monitored in real time on a map.  
  2. Device search. The device location is found and displayed on the map. 
  3. Notifications. Notifications are sent when the object arrives at a preset location or about any other activity. 
  4. Choice of the map. Switching between different types of maps for the user’s convenience. 
  5. Customer support. Emergency support by the customer support team. 
  6. User account balance. Checking the account balance. Several convenient methods of adding funds.

Branch: GPS systems Technology: Adobe Air Solution: Mobile applications

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