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Strelec (”Sagittarius”) – Fire safety monitoring system in Moscow

Paritet LTD employed our team as a contractor to develop the user Interface of the geoinformation system of fire safety monitoring in Moscow city. The base for our work was the existing program with the code name Strelec which had served the Ministry of Emergency Situations for quick registration of fire threats in Moscow. 

Our goal was to develop the user interface for Strelec, which required use of WPF and the .NET Framework technologies and the XAML markup language. 

The first stage of the project was development of the unique program design. The interface had to be good for all variety of screen resolutions from 1024x768 to 1920x1080 and use two-displays. Among the options developed by our team the client explicitly selected two. After thinking about it we decided to implement them both making them as two switching skins: classic blue and contrast black. 

For the front end development we used Microsoft’s XAML language. 

The interface was made dynamic so the program window was stretching to any screen width without losing its attractive neat look. 

The project took 1 months and was carried out by the team of 8 people: the project manager, one art-director, 2 web-designers, 3 programmers and 1 tester.

Branch: State order Technology: .NET Solution: GEO system Platform: Windows

Address in Yaroslavl: Pobedy 38/27, Suite 503, Yaroslavl, 150040
Address in Moscow: Leningradsky Prospekt 31A, Moscow, 125284
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