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The task set by the client was to create a new website for the company in a modern style and Landing Page format, to add a few catchy motivating elements with the objective to increase their sales. An operational feature of the website was the extended online service for assessing chances of getting the visa. The client had specific requirements for system security and privacy of the applications sent through the online service. Correct the website display on all devices to be provided through adaptive design. Multilingual setting was a mandatory requirement for the website.

During the work process the following problems were successfully solved: 120 pages of Scope of Work Document were written, the website was designed, programming and webpage layouts were implemented and the website was deployed on the server. Complex logics for the applications processing were created as well as their validation, and safety for the application process was ensured. Six interactive application forms were created, each of which had English and Russian versions. We embedded the possibility to localize the website as the versions for several languages were planned: English, simplified Chinese and Hindi. SEO optimization of the webpages complying with W3C was carried out.

The project was implemented in 6 months. As a result, the client received a modern service for applications for the assessment of customer chances to immigrate to Australia. The client emphasized our high customer orientation and timely feedback on the emerging issues.

The project team consisted of 4 people: the project manager, one technical author, one designer, one software developer.

Branch: Provision of services Technology: PHP ,HTML5 ,CSS3 ,JQuery Solution: Web application Platform: Web

Address in Yaroslavl: Pobedy 38/27, Suite 503, Yaroslavl, 150040
Address in Moscow: Leningradsky Prospekt 31A, Moscow, 125284
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