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Poker 2 Joker – Classic Poker

Buratino-Labs (Pinocchio-Labs) company hired Techman team for the development of cross-platform, multilingual classic five-card poker game.

The stated task was vast: to develop a custom core, backend, cross-browser applications for Web, and of course the applications for tablets, iOS and Android smartphones. The launch of the game was planned to be worldwide so the translation and localization into several languages was required. The total volume of work was counted as several man-years.

Another task was the development of an artificial intelligence that is able to play poker with real players and behave like a live person, to make mistakes, take risks and bluff, win and be down to its last nickel. Moreover, regardless of the pace of getting users to the game, the system would have to ensure sufficient number of players at the user's table no matter in which country and time zone the user is in.

Regardless the number of devices available to the user, she should be able to participate in the game online, to add friends, give gifts, send private messages and participate in the game chat. The game was supposed to provide leveling of the player experience, ratings, titles, and a shop with needed products that can be used directly for the game.


In the beginning we formed three major divisions: one team was working on the core and backend, the second one was working on the mobile applications, and the third team was developing a browser version of the game.

The backend and the core of the game were created in Java, the core-server-user communication service worked over HTTP, and all users were connecting to the core through the WebSocket protocol.

Mobile versions of the games for tablets and smartphones were developed on a cross-platform framework Cocos2d, which made it possible to build the application on one platform, and then transfer it to iOS and Android. A certain challenge in this application’s development was the requirement to support broad variety of mobile devices which all together were a few dozen, while all devices have different proportions of length and width, as well as display resolution.

WEB version of the game could run on all operating systems while functioning and being displayed correctly in any known web-browsers. There were three versions of the game’s display with automatic scaling for the screen size, from the smallest to the widescreen monitors. The web application was developed in the framework Symphony 2 c with use of PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and Java-scripts.

The project development took a year and half a year and was successfully launched in commercial operation in October 2015.

The project was implemented by the team of 48 people: 3 project managers, one art director, 8 designers, 2 system analysts, one technical writer, 15 programmers, 7 front end developers, one information security specialist and 10 testers.

Branch: Entertainment Technology: .NET ,Java ,PHP ,Ruby ,C/C++ ,HTML5 ,CSS3 ,JQuery Solution: Social networks ,Games ,Mobile applications Platform: iOS ,Android ,Web

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