HamsterSoft specializes in the development of software products for home use by a wide range of users.

Development of 10 finished products for HamsterSoft

Since HamsterSoft entered the market in 2010, it is constantly on the rise. The business model of HamsterSoft is based on the development of completely free software products. Free distribution, simple intuitive interface, functionality, and eye-appealing design of their products are the building blocks of their success. Today, tens of millions of users all around the world are using their apps localized in more than 40 languages, free of charge.

In 2010 HamsterSoft announced a tender for subcontractors, and our team was the only one that could meet the requirements of a high quality and tight deadlines.

Over the following years of our fruitful collaboration with HamsterSoft, we developed and launched the following software products:

  • PDF Reader 
  • ZIP Archiver + Mac Archiver 
  • Video Converter 
  • Audio Converter 
  • eBook Converter 
  • YouTube Loader 
  • Burner Studio 
  • Installer 
  • Agent 
  • Chromium-based browser

A special attention was paid to ensuring a high usability of each program. It was deemed essential that all interfaces were simple and intuitive, and allowed the user to perform any task with a minimum number of actions. In addition, we strived for novel, bright, and recognizable graphical design. We have managed to make every app highly efficient, and adapted all the programs for different devices. Thanks to our work, HamsterSoft became an official partner of Intel in 2010.

All the applications share the following common features:

  • Easy to use; 
  • Intuitive interface; 
  • Portability; 
  • No redundant tools; 
  • Bright design; 
  • The ability to choose the color scheme; 
  • Automatic updates; 
  • Batch file conversion; 
  • Compact mode for convenience of use; 
  • Performing the most popular actions; 
  • Using open source libraries.

These projects have been constantly under development for 5 years. All this time, we have been improving and extending the entire line of HamsterSoft software products.

As of today, the combined users of the above apps count more than 20 million people. Everyday, more than 1 million users launch the programs that we developed.

Technology: .NET ,C/C++ ,QT Solution: Software for PС Platform: Windows

Address in Yaroslavl: Pobedy 38/27, Suite 503, Yaroslavl, 150040
Address in Moscow: Leningradsky Prospekt 31A, Moscow, 125284
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